Kees Blok

Kees has 13 years+ experience walking his path of personal development and is highly knowledgeable on a variety on subjects regarding psychology, personal development, meditation, flow, entrepreneurship, and non-duality.

Kees is genuinely motivated to help you in helping yourself move forward. His unique quality lies in comprehending the generic traits of people and applying them uniquely to the person and helping you find your personal next step.

While being empathic and understanding, his style is pragmatic and actionable. He will focus on what you can do next and give ownership and accountability to that which your heart desires.

Kees is an accredited coach and had trained many people throughout the years.

Floris van der Lee

After climbing the corporate ladder for several years, I realised what I was doing was no longer fulfilling me.

Once I saw many of my friends and colleagues struggling with similar topics and giving in on their happiness, I decided to take my future into my own hands by trying to do something about it. From that moment onwards, I focus on changing the life of others in a positive way, even if it would be for only one person.

Floris is a no-nonsense emphatic coach that wants to help you to lead the life you choose for yourself.

Floris is an accredited coach and has trained different people in a variety of topics and settings.

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