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Regelmatig zijn we geïnspireerd onze ervaringen, klein en groot, vast te leggen op schrift, audio of video. Deze delen we hier.

Nondualiteit voor jou

Wat is nondualiteit? Alles is één. Wij mensen zijn verbonden met alles, iedereen en het universum. Veel mensen leven echter alsof we niet één, niet verbonden zijn. Ze leven alsof er twee zijn, de wereld en ik, twee aparte dingen. We leven alsof wij in ons leven niet afhankelijk zijn van alles en iedereen, de […]

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The search for happiness

Almost all people are unconsciously or consciously searching for happiness. In this article I’ll discuss some of the ways people are looking for happiness and how effective they are. For most of us looking for happiness is such an unconscious process that we keep on repeatedly trying the same things even though they do not […]

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How well do you spend your energy?

Energy, alongside time, is our scarcest asset. It depletes every single day. So it is crucial to be very keen on how we spend our energy. Whereas there are different types of energy, here we talk about mental energy. That sometimes – if in abundance – gives you the feeling that you can take on […]

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How much did you suffer today?

Each of us suffers every day. Some just a little, some a lot. Before you go in denial, allow me the chance to explain. Maybe the first thing coming to mind when we think of suffering, is suffering in the extreme form: the significant physical and emotional trauma caused by dramatic events like as starvation […]

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How love can trigger control

When you meet someone you truly like, there is the love you feel for the other person and the desire to be with them in some form. When the liking is mutual a relationship can start. Within a relationship, if you like the other person, you can start to try to control the other person […]

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